Monday, October 12, 2009

The Weekend Update - Tissues and Tigers

We had a really quiet weekend, which actually ended up to be a blessing! 

Looks like I spoke too soon when I said that Bitty Baby was on the mend.  She's still under the weather and it looks like I picked up her little cold, too.

I keep hoping there's a life rule that says mamas can't get sick when they take care of their sick little peeps :)

I really don't have too many pics for this post because we spent most of the weekend indoors.  It pretty much rained all weekend and we're still waiting for some Fall weather.  I think it's coming, though!

Saturday, we went to Home Depot and Lowe's to look for bamboo shades to finish the kitchen window.  We found out that our windows are off by about an inch from being a standard size - so that means special orders all the way around!  Now I think I remember why we've been living here awhile and still don't have shades on some of the windows. Ha!

I picked up a HUGE purple and yellow mum (for my Tigers!) at Home Depot.  It's so pretty and it was only $6.50.  I need to get a picture because it's full of blooms! We really had fun looking around in the stores  - so many fun things for home projects!

Saturday afternoon, Sister and I went to the pet store and picked up a couple of things for our pup, Toby.

A sassy new bed ...

And, a sassy new collar. We got him a Burbury-inspired one - a shout out to my love of all things British!

Saturday night, we watched the Tigers play #1 Florida.  It was a great game, but Florida won.  We play Auburn next on the 24th, so that should be a good one!  LSU and Auburn lost this weekend, so they'll both be huntin' for a win.  Hopefully, the purple and gold Tigers will win that one!

I spent most of the LSU game trying to figure out what Bible verse was on Tim Tebow's face this week.  It was

1 Thesselonians 5:18
"give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus"

I read an article that said that this verse was one of the most searched items on google during the LSU/Florida game.  Wow!  So awesome!

Sunday was definitely a day of rest.  I really wasn't feeling great, so thankfully, Big Daddy took kid and house duty and I was able to rest. THANK YOU!  I have a busy schedule this week, so that was such a blessing!

This was pretty much my view on Sunday ... what a treat!

I love the yearly Endless Yard Sale show on HGTV.  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do the sale one year ... how awesome would that be? :)

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  1. Found your blog from Kelly's Korner - Geaux Tigers, lets hope we can beat Auburn next week! My little one has his first cold and its no fun, especially now that the Mr. and I are starting to feel under the weather too...


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