Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lovin' the SEC and LSU 101

I love SEC football. Pretty much everyone does around these parts! It's said that football is a religion in the South - and it feels that way sometimes!

Me and my peeps are LSU fans. I went to LSU for college and love that place! They put something in the water there that makes us bleed purple and gold!

I'm always curious about the traditions at other schools. Like, how Auburn has three mascots or what some of the schools are cheering during the game. I hope some people will blog about those things!

So, let's get started with my favorite LSU things or "LSU 101"  But, first, let me put on my Tiger Eyes :)

LSU 101:

Tiger Stadium or "Death Valley"

This is the place where you can meet up on a Saturday night with 92,400 of your closest friends.  And, we are LOUD!

Tiger Stadium has been ranked many times as one of the toughest places to play ball because of the noise level.  Lots of false starts happen here.

If we go to an LSU game, I usually can't hear what Big Daddy is saying and he's right next to me.  Crazy!

We spell it GEAUX Tigers! (pronounced "Go Tigers!")

That's our standard cheer and usually one side of the stadium will say "GEAUX" and the other side will answer "TIGERS!"

The spelling GEAUX reflects our french roots.

Mike the Tiger

Here's our awesome mascot!  He comes to the stadium before every game and for every time he roars, LSU will score a touchdown!


The Golden Band from Tigerland

Oh, how we love our band!  Especially when they play the LSU pregame song - that's what you're hearing now!  This is the song you'll hear when they really want to get everyone pumped up!

Update: I changed the playlist so you'll have to click on the songs to get them to play now.  Just in case you know them by heart, now :)


I put Hey Fightin' Tigers and a few others on my playlist, too!


You'll see lots of tailgaters at an LSU game.  The food in South Louisiana is some of the best around, so there are lots of yummy things to eat.

You might find jambalaya

Or, grilled boudin. Yum!

We're gearing up for a big game against Florida on Saturday.  It should be a good one!

Thanks for letting me share some of our Tiger Traditions! 


  1. I love SEC Football too. Roll Tide!

  2. Excellent post! Geaux Tigers, beat Florida!

  3. Found your blog on Kelly's linky post. I love the Tigers too! I grew up an LSU fan but went to UNC for college. My heart still lies with the bayou boys when it comes to football. ACC football doesn't hold a candle!

    I like your blog background too...mine's the same :)

  4. Found your blog on Kelly's site. Big Tiger fan as well! Saturday is going to be a great game!! Geaux Tigers!!!

  5. I love the tigers too....the AUBURN tigers, that is! Enjoyed your post...the SEC is by far the best around! And I would have to agree with you, even when the game is in Auburn, those LSU fans have some great tailgating food..gumbo, jambalaya, white beans, etc.etc.

    Sweet looking little girlies you have! :)

  6. I hopped over here from Kelly's blog and just wanted to say my son is 12 and wants to go to LSU. He has been a tiger fan since he was about 8! We don't know what drew him to them BUT thats where his heart is! Since we live in Arkansas, loving LSU tends to be a problem...especially since his daddy loves those HOGS! And he has kinda pulled me over to his side sooo I would have to say GO LSU!!!

  7. Geaux Tigers! Great post! Let's look forward to next week! :-)


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