Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feelin' Better Already

Bitty Baby has been under the weather.  Sunday evening she started running fever out of the blue.  She just wasn't herself and by Monday morning she was feeling pretty crummy.

So, we headed to the doctor, just to get checked out.  When we arrived, I was so surprised at how many people were at the doctor's office.  The parking lot was more than full, so we ended up parking in the very back, the farthest spot from the door! 

We were late for our appointment, so I was practically running through the parking lot.  I laughed when I looked down and saw Bitty Baby's chubby baby hand hanging on to her stroller for dear life.  She was white-knuckling it! Ha!

After a quick flu test, our doctor declared she has nothing more than a run of the mill sinus infection.  Yay!  She's feeling so much better today and almost back to her old self.

Bitty Baby loves to wear hats and crowns on her head.  It's her favorite part of dress up!  Tonight, she was so cute, wearing her flower headband during supper.

While I was washing dishes, I heard the cutest baby giggles.  I looked over and saw this ...

Looks like someone was getting a little doggie snack!

I almost told Bitty Baby to stop, but who could resist this face?


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  2. I LOVE this story! Bitty Baby is such a hoot! And I want to know how you get such outstanding photos!

  3. Thanks! I bribe my kids with candy :) Just kidding!!!


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