Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend Update - The "Bossin'" Chair and Fall Fest

First, can I just say I had a bout of temporary insanity this evening? I thought earlier tonight during a little kitchen cleaning slump, "Ooohh, coffee sounds good." I am crazy ... I made coffee and drank two cups! And, so I'm blogging at 11:00 at night. I have a feeling this post is going to get a little punchy. Ha!

This really was a good weekend. We had some beautiful Fall weather ... yay! Saturday we pretty much ran errands and then watched the LSU Tigers play Auburn. It was a great game and LSU pulled out another win. Geaux Tigers! We're deep into the SEC schedule now, so the competition is gettin' good!

Sunday, we went to church and Sister sang in the choir for the very first time in Big Church. They sang "He's Got The Whole World" and all of those sweet, shining preschool faces were like little angels. And, yes, I teared up like a proud Mama. So sweet!

We had some landscaping done last week and Big Daddy spent Sunday afternoon installing a new sprinkler system. He can do just about any project around the house!

Sister loves to be Daddy's helper! This time around, she set up a "Bossin' Chair." My grandmother used to have a chair in her backyard where she would sit and give orders out to anyone helping her with yardwork. She called it her "Bossin' Chair" and so we're carrying on the tradition!

Of course, Sister had to boss in style in her new sassy shoes from Target! We're in trouble because this girl loves clothes and accessories!

Sunday night, we had our Fall Festival at church and we wanted to snap a quick pic of our peeps in their costumes before we left. (Have you tried to take a picture of a 4 year old and a 17 month old lately? Yes, let the snickering begin :) ).

I was determined to get this pic ... you can see just how successful I was ... Ha! (BTW, Big Daddy is just off camera in all of these pics ... no worries!)

Bitty Baby trying to vacate the premises

Outta my way, Sister!

Sister says, "Well, if she's not going to be in the picture, then why waste a good spotlight?"

I'm ready for my closeup! (At this point, Big Daddy is carrying one mad little bee and loading her up in the car :) )

As always, the Fall Fest was a big hit ... Sister had her face painted ...

Bitty Baby loved watching the "big" kids trick or treat on the playground ...

And, then, one of the "sweetest" things happened ... Sister taught Bitty Baby about one of the most important things in life ... (at least in a kid's mind) ... CANDY!

I looked over and saw this ...

And, this ...

Sister loves skittles ... she is really showing true sister love by sharing these with Bitty Baby!

One of the biggest hits of the night was the GIANT cannon that shot confetti all over the gym ... the kids loved it!

It must have shot confetti for 10 minutes ... it seemed like a long time, but maybe that was just because I was on the clean up committee :) . It was worth all of the mess because you should have seen the look on Sister's face ... she was amazed ... so cute!

Before we left, we had supper ...

And, Bitty Baby ate her hot dog like a big girl!

We all had such a great time ... the girls were worn out and asleep before their heads hit the pillow.

I just love this time of year!


  1. Your girls are beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! They look so cute dressed up, I love this time of year too!


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