Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frugalista Finds - Classic Children's Clothes

I love classic children's clothes, but the frugalista in me doesn't love the price!

When Sister was born, I thought I didn't have a choice and paid way more than I should have for some of her smocked dresses.  Can I just tell you that I practically covered her in visqueen everytime she wore one of these.  Ha!

Over the past few years, I've been buying kids' clothes (especially church clothes) off season and snagged some great bargains.  Now, I'm at least one season ahead, which is great!

These dresses I ordered from the Orient Expressed clearance last year

One of my favorite clearance sites is Remember Nguyen.   I've seen their clothes in boutiques around town, but I've ordered from their clearance website for the past few years.

Their clothes are precious, a great bargain and hold up, too!  Here are some of my favorite deals that I've picked up ...

I ordered this for Sister last summer ... (it's only $13.95 now, but they have limited sizes)

The rest of these are around $20. 

I love the vintage print on this one ...

Pink and green seersucker!

So cute with a monogram

 They have supercute boy clearance items, too.

How cute is this little brown john john?

I don't get too many things monogrammed because I have an ultimate plan to consign some of the girls' clothes.  Now that Bitty Baby has outgrown a few things, it's time for me to clean out her closet and try that new frontier.  :)

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