Friday, December 4, 2009

Pine Cone Ornament Project

I'm still determined to create a baby proof Christmas tree this year!  Bitty Baby is loving the tree and I don't want to spend the holidays saying, "Don't touch.  Don't touch. No No." 

 I want her to be able to experience the wonder of Christmas as much as she can.  All of our pretty, breakable ornaments will just have to stay in their bins until next year!

Remember how I collected the four bags of pine cones at my in-laws last week?


Well, I had a little time today and started turning these into tree ornaments.  Right now, our tree is pretty bare with just the lights and some red mesh on it.  Since my colors are red, gold and green ... I thought the pinecones could be the gold.

So, I turned to my trusty friend ... spray paint!

I just threw some of the cones on an old sheet and started spraying.

Caramel Latte is pretty subtle, so I sprayed a few coats

The picture looks silver, but it's really more of a muted gold.

Once, the pine cones were dry, I just knotted some thin satin ribbon to make a loop.  Then, I hot glued the knot side down into the cone. 

The color of these ornaments came out so pretty and soft. Now one down, 99 to go!  Just kidding ... well, maybe 50 to go :) 

I think this project cost $2.97 for the spray paint and $.99 for the ribbon!  Maybe Big Daddy will help me glue ribbons tonight?  Now, that would be love!

I have a few more projects to finish this weekend and then I'm done decorating.  I've put myself on a deadline!  If it's not done by Sunday, it'll have to wait until next year :) .  That's part of my "Keep it simple" mantra this year! 

I still need to do the mantle and front door, then I bought this super cute Vera Bradley-esque fabric at Hobby Lobby.  It was only $2.99 a yard!  I'm going to try and make a no-sew tree skirt out of this.  Pray for me! :)

I picked up this fringe for the trim ... it kind of reminds me of Christmas tree needles

And, finally, I plan to finish this ornament wreath that I did from the Eddie Ross tutorial.  I've seen these on some awesome blogs and thought I would give it a try! 

Almost finished! Yay for Christmas!


  1. I have a ton of pinecones from attempting V & Co's pinecone wreath. I may have to do this one. Thanks for the idea. Did the paint make a big difference or would it have worked without, in your opinion? Thanks!

  2. Ha just realized that they are gold after reading ther post more carefully. I guess that would be much prettier than brown. :)


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