Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekend Update - yes, we have glitter in our hair

Something very strange happened around here Friday ... it snowed!  We heard stirrings on the news, but didn't think it would actually happen.

But, low and behold ... it did!  We just got a light dusting, but hey, that's a big deal around here!

What's even crazier is that it snowed last year, too.  A BIG snow (at least for this deep South girl!)

Here's a pic of our backyard during God's surprise in 2008

Since it was so cold, we built our first fire of the year.  There's nothing better than a warm fire on a Friday night with the family!

The rest of the weekend was spent decorating for Christmas ... and, of course, chasing after my peeps.  The girls are so excited about the holidays and were amazed each time I opened one of the Christmas storage tubs.  They had so much fun looking through everything.

Not much made it out this year ... I just did the babyproof tree, the mantle, and put out a few other decorations.  I was strong ... I held to my deadline and if it wasn't done by Sunday night, it's going to wait until next year.  That's a pretty big deal considering I'm a recovering perfectionist.  Ha! 

Big Daddy helped Sister put the star on top of the tree and she was so proud of herself! 

A lot of my decorating time was spent "wrastlin" with the ornament wreath I've been working on ... I finally finished, well, sort of ... BTW, scuze my pics ... it was really rainy today, so the lighting was not so lovely

I followed the Eddie Ross tutorial, which basically gives great instructions to thread ornaments on a wire hanger twisted into a circle.  If only it were as easy as it sounds!  I had a couple of snafoos with this thing.  I'm 100% positive it was user error, though.

I bought these gold tone ornaments from Dollar Tree.  I loved the color and I really loved that they were glittery! I was feeling pretty smug since I hot glued all of the caps onto the ornaments like the tutorial recommended.  Then, I just threaded the balls onto the hanger and voila ... until the ornaments starting popping off.

I learned something new ... lots of ornaments have plastic caps ... did not know that!  So, sadly, the plastic part broke when threaded on the hanger wire.  I ended up wrapping these puppies with floral wire at the top and then attaching them to the wreath form.  Whew!

Finally, after help from my Mama and Big Daddy, lots of sweat, and a few prayers, I finished! It's definitely not perfect, but it'll do :)

But, do you see something wrong with this picture?


I planned to hang the wreath here ...

But, the command hook didn't hold it and the wreath fell, twice!  So, now it sits here.

Mama suggested I use it as the centerpiece for Christmas dinner ... maybe with a glass hurricane and a candle? Big Daddy suggested a mega suction cup hook ... now that, I would need to buy!

I can tell you, too, that this sucker has dropped glitter all over the house.  I even found some of the glitter in Bitty Baby's hair while we were at Wal-Mart this week.  So cute!

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