Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Update - It's finally Fall, Mama!

We had such a great weekend! We headed north to visit with Big Daddy's family for the holidays.  We drove up Thanksgiving morning and had the best lunch with family. The food was so good and I had two helpings of my favorite ... cornbread dressing!

Early on when Big Daddy and I were dating, this girl had to find out the answers to some crucial questions on "my list"  of requirements for that special someone.  "Do you go to church?"  Check.  "Are you close with your family?"  Check.  "Great sense of humor?"  Check.  And ... very importantly ... "What kind of dressing does your family serve for the holidays?"  Cornbread dressing. Check!

You might think I'm a little crazy, but that's a legit question around here.  My sister married into a family that doesn't make cornbread dressing and she's still trying to get over it ... 18 years later ... :).  Good thing my brother-in-law is a sweetheart! I know I'm being a little dramtic, but oh, how I love cornbread dressing.   I bet everybody has a favorite family dish for the holidays that just has to be on the table or the holidays wouldn't be the same!

One of the highlights of our weekend was my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law's engagement party.  It was so fun seeing them officially kick off their wedding plans.  We are so excited for them!

I spent two afternoons of our visit collecting pine cones in the woods at my in-laws.  I've decided not to put ornaments on the tree this year because of my sneaky little elf ...

So, I think I'm going with a "natural" theme this year.  I picked up four grocery sacks of pine cones and I'm going to use them on the tree and on some garland.  I'm sure my favorite duo, spray paint and glitter, will come into play sometime during this project, too ... ha!

While I was outside, Sister drew on the driveway with chalk.  She loves to draw and her favorite thing to draw is our family!

Here's Big Daddy ...

And Bitty Baby

I love the hair on both of these!

My in-laws' yard is always so pretty!  They have the prettiest Sasanqua that has grown into a tree, really. I think this is one of my favorite fall flowers ...

The Fall colors were really shining up there.  Big Daddy's family lives north of us, so their seasons are a little more definite than ours.  The trees were just so pretty!  

Sister was just amazed 

The leaves were falling from the trees and it was so peaceful.  As the leaves were falling, Sister started running through them, crunching and throwing leaves all the way, yelling ... "Mama, fall is FINALLY here.  It's FINALLY here!" So sweet!  

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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