Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feeling Crafty - Turkey Hair Bow

It's almost Turkey Time, y'all!

The girls are ready with their Thanksgiving dresses, but I have been looking for a fun hair bow to match.

I saw these turkey hair clippies and thought it would be fun to try one on my own!  Luckily, I found great and better yet - FREE - directions here

This bow is actually my second attempt.  I made one following the directions exactly and used hot glue for all of the steps.  But, the ribbon I used is not very stiff and my glue gun is not the best.  As a result, the glue didn't hold like I had hoped.  In fact, Bitty Baby pulled on the first one and was able to tear it apart pretty easily.

So, on the little bow in the picture, I made the entire turkey step by step by tacking the ribbon as I went along with matching embroidery floss.  I already had the floss from an old cross stitch project.  Then I glued the finished turkey to the clippie.

This little gobbler can be worn a couple of ways - alone - or clipped to a small bow for a little one

Or, to a bigger bow for an older girl

Other ideas I've seen are to put googley eyes on the face or paint eyes on with acrylic paint.  I was tempted to do that, but thought I should stop while I was ahead ... can I just tell you how many projects I've ruined because I thought it needed just a little more?  Ha!

This project really is quick and easy!  In fact, I'm going to make a few more tonight for some sweet little turkeys close to my heart!  Gobble, Gobble!


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