Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parks and Paparazzi

We had an absolutely beautiful fall day today.  So, we decided to head to the park with my friend and cousin-in-law J and her peeps. 

The kids had a blast.  They loved getting outside and running free!  The swings were a big hit ...

Sister loved climbing on a big spider web.  She made it all the way to the top ... a little scary for Little Mama.

While I was setting out lunch, I looked over and saw Bitty Baby "hanging out."   She had fun looking at all of the acorns from a birdseye view.

Some of the best news around here is that Bitty Baby is walking everywhere these days.  In fact, she's almost running.  God is so good! 

She is having so much fun showing us what a big girl she is now.  There was an open grassy area and Bitty Baby had so much fun checking it out.

She got a little too far away from me, so I called her back ...

She thought about it for a second, and then did this :)

After a couple of hours of chasing her, I thought it might be a good idea to put her in her stroller.  She loved watching the big girls, but I'm sure she wanted out!

The craziest thing was going on at the playground.  A couple of movies are filming in town right now and the park was a hub for one of the sets.  There were trailers everywhere.  So, I thought I would get a couple of pictures - you know, like a crazy local!

We thought this was "craft service" or catering - are you impressed by my Hollywood lingo?  Yes, I'm a nerd :)

J checked out the other side of the park and saw a bunch of trailers that we thought might be "star" trailers.  She yelled out, "Come over here, these are the pics you should really get!"  (Um, I don't think we were very sneaky!) So, off I go and right away a security guard appears and is watching me and my camera. 

I love my camera and I love the card that is in my camera.  And, I didn't want him to take it away.  So, I looked for the first thing I could snap to make it look like I really wasn't trying to take pics of the "star" trailers. 

Do you like my decoy pics? (Imagine me talking to myself like a big nerd to get the full effect - you know, like "what a pretty tree" Ha! ).

Well, I definitely don't have a future as a paparazzi photographer.  But, as we were leaving, I did manage to get a really awesome picture of one of my very favorite stars!


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