Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Weekend Update - Curious George & A Great Sale

This weekend, we kicked off the holidays by heading to the country to meet up with one of our favorite monkeys - Curious George!

The event was at a local Christmas tree farm which was beautiful.  The farm grows Leyland Cypress, which are just gorgeous. 


My sister and her crew grab one of these beauties every year. And, after seeing them in their natural setting, we might have to reconsider our pre-lit tree!

Some of the trees were huge!

The event was after church on Sunday, so we were creeping into Bitty Baby's naptime.  She got very, very sleepy

At one point, we thought she might not last through much more of the fun

Bitty Baby's heading into "the two's" and she really started to "work it"


But, once we gave her a candy cane (her first ever) - she decided she wanted to stay :)


Sister wanted her picture made with Curious George.  This is a BIG deal, because she hasn't been a fan of characters ... EVER!  She was so excited to meet George, but it looks like she's passed on the "scared of characters" torch to her little sister.  Poor George ... I think half of the pics taken that day had a fussy little one!

The tree farm had an adorable Christmas store and we bought Sister a cute light-up Rudolph nose

The store had this funny sign outside that made us laugh!


I think the biggest hit of the afternoon was just running around the farm and playing in the Christmas tree grove.  Sister and I played hide-n-seek between the trees, which was so much fun!  I want to live on a farm now!


We played chase, too, even though I didn't have on the best shoes.  Next time, I'll have to remember to wear boots! :)


Sister's favorite part, by far, was being able to RUN


And run ....


And, run!


What a great way to kick of this special time of year.  I am so excited about Thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for, especially within my family.  God is so good!

P.S. I received an email about a great sale and thought I would pass along the info ...

Remember Nguyen Children's Clothing is having a big, big sale this week.  I find some of my favorite frugalista finds for the girls from this place!  You can link directly to their website here.

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