Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angel Food

First, I"m up way too late! I've got a second wind and am watching the City season premiere (please don't judge me :) )on DVR. I'm crazy!

Tonight, our Sunday School class had our monthly girls gathering and my sweet friend had the idea to make soups to freeze for our Angel Food freezer at church. Basically, church members donate meals to be on hand for anyone who might need a meal in the church.

We had a lot of fun making five soups. My friend is such a great cook and has such a servant heart! She organized the whole thing and picked the recipes. We made one soup tonight that I want to try at home ... it smelled so good. It's Smoky Sweet Potato Chicken Soup

Tomorrow is my Mama's birthday and I heard that God might be giving her the best birthday present - our first morning of cooler weather!  (I hope when you read this that you got a chance to sit outside and drink your coffee, Gig! :)  ).

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