Monday, September 28, 2009

The Weekend Update - high school reunion

We had a great weekend! The four of us hit the road and headed north to Big Daddy's high school reunion.

This was also homecoming weekend. So, there were lots of fun activities going on in town. So, here's the crazy part ... all of this was new for me, because, are you ready ... my high school didn't have a football team! So, this was a weekend of firsts for me ....

My first high school homecoming parade

My first high school homecoming football game

My first time to see a HUGE homecoming corsage in

My first time to see a high school homecoming court

It was so much fun! It made me think I might have missed out a bit in high school!

Sweet Bitty Baby took a great nap on the way up ... both girls were great car travellers

As soon as we hit town, we headed to the parade!

When is it going to start?

Here we go! Roll Tide!

Bitty Baby is not feeling the love for the band :)

Or, maybe, her sad face is because Little Mama just realized while uploading these pics that Sister had Bitty Baby's special Tiger! Busted!

More floats!

Hanging out with friends ...

Guess who rode in the parade? Big Daddy! Each reunion class had their own float and everyone looked like they had the best time.

After the parade, we went to the homecoming game where our team won the game! Each reunion class marched out on the field, which was really neat. The earliest class was 1939.

The 50 yard line was painted for homecoming

One of the best parts of the trip was getting a chance to visit with my in-laws. We enjoyed seeing them and hadn't been up since 4th of July. The last few months have flown by and we were glad to be home for a visit!

The weekend was so nice and full of fun events for the reunion. There were parties Friday and Saturday night and it was so much fun visiting with everyone. Big Daddy's friends from home are some of the nicest people I've ever met!

Holy Cow! We got a rare pic of the two of us ... usually one of us is behind the camera!

Big Daddy comes from a big football family, so of course, the games were on this weekend. One of our highlights was the LSU Tiger's win against Mississippi State. Whew! That was a nail biter! Geaux Tigers!

Even better than the win, is Bitty Baby's new trick that she picked up during the game ...


That's our girl!

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