Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spray paint lamp makeover

My sister has created a monster - a spray paint monster! Last week, she needed a new mail box. But, after pricing them, she decided to spray her old one with Rustoleum Hammered paint and voila - it looks amazing! (Sis - if you send me a pic, I'll post it here :) ).

So, I decided that I could spray paint, too! Last weekend, we started cleaning out the office - a.k.a. the ultimate junk room. Being a certifiable packrat, this could be a painful process. Ha!

While we were decluttering, I found this beauty. Oh, and there's another one to make a pair. :)

I bought these little lamps right after we were married and had plans to spray paint the bases, but never did. Living up to my pack ratness, I hated to get rid of these. Here they were - waiting these past 8 years for a little makeover!

Here's a closeup of the not so pretty finish on these lamps

And, here's my special helper

First, I sprayed a light coat on as a primer

Then, a second heavier coat

And, the final product!

And, they found a new home atop this dresser. The dresser top is still a work in progess, but I think the lamps are here to stay.

Here is one of my next victims

I also have my eye on a picture frame (J. - the one you gave me that's in the dining room now), a floor lamp, the mailbox, and my outside table and chairs. I'm hooked!


  1. Wow! That paint really made a difference, looks so rich now! Good job!

  2. Such a fun lamp. Love it's new look. I just tried my hand at spraying a lamp last night too.

  3. I love spray paint too. I just used chalkboard spray paint for the first time yesterday. It worked great.

  4. Your lamps turned out great! I'm curious what you do with the other one. I have shades that are a similar shape and I'm dying to re-vamp them.

  5. Looove me some spray works like a dream! Your lamps turned out looking great after all those years.



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