Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yay for Bow Holders!

I've been working on a bow holder for Bitty Baby's room and it's finally finished! It really was a quick project. I just had to work on it when I could ... you know, 15 minutes here, 5 minutes there.

I started with a plain monogram from Hobby Lobby and decided to do an argyle or harlequin pattern in pink and green.

I finished the diamond pattern - it became a lot easier when I realized that diamonds are two triangles flipped on top of each other. I know I mentioned earlier that geometry is not my friend. Ha!

I got the idea to add "beading" to the diamond patterns, just to add a little texture.

Instead of using a paintbrush, I used the tip of the handle, which worked really well.

I ended up painting two coats of beads to get a raised texture. Here's the finished painted monogram.

Once this dried, I went to work turning this "E" in to a bow holder by adding grosgrain ribbon. I used 7/8 " white grosgrain ribbon. Each piece was cut to 5/8 yards length.

I decided to use hot glue instead of something like gorilla glue, in case I would ever need to replace the ribbon. Hot glue makes for a sturdy hold, but could easily be peeled off if needed.

I folded the ends of the ribbon over once before gluing. I glued on the wood and then in between the two layers of ribbon.

And, it's done. It's definitely not perfect, but I had fun making this!

I only have one problem ... Bitty Baby is not feeling love for the bow. Hopefully, hopefully I can sway her to the other side :).

Here's a picture I took superfast before she pulled out this pink cuteness. I gave her a blue bow to trick her into thinking she had already taken it out. It didn't work ... the bow was out in 5 seconds. Smart cookie :)

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