Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Reception & Honeymoon

Can I just tell you how much it rained on our wedding day? It rained ... and rained ... and rained ... from dawn to dusk! We had so many sweet people tell us that rain on your wedding day is good luck because it's blessings from Heaven! I love that!

Here we are going up the steps to the reception. My sweet husband did a great job with the umbrella and I didn't get any rain on my dress :)

Our first dance

Here's our wedding cake. I found the idea in a Martha Stewart wedding magazine and loved the roses in between the layers. It was raspberry and white chocolate - yummy!

Our cake had fleur de lis piped around each layer. French influence is huge where we live, so fleur de lis are really popular here - can you guess what state we're from? :)

Cutting the cake

The groom's cake

Our sweet niece, who was 2 at the time, serenaded us with the "ABC" song. Doesn't she look so cute and tiny singing with the band? We loved it and this is one of our favorite memories.

Here's my throw-away bouquet. It's was a fortune bouquet, so when I threw it, it broke into 5 smaller bouquets, each with a special prediction. In the pic, you can see "you will marry Prince Charming." :) It was fun to everyone's faces when they realized there were five bouquets to catch, rather than one!

I've always loved this picture of my parents on their wedding day in 1960 ...

So, we had a picture taken just like it ... 31 years later! So special!

We left the reception in an antique car - that was so much fun! For our first Christmas together, our sweet friend gave us a Christmas ornament of this car - it's one of our favorites to put on the tree every year.

We headed to the Smokey Mountains for our honeymoon. It was Fall, so the leaves were changing and it was beautiful! We don't really have a Fall season where we live, so we loved seeing all of the leaves changing color. (These pics were before our digital camera days, so they're not the best quality. I can hardly remember life before digital :) )

I love this picture of this little country church. God's presence was so awesome in such beautiful, still & simple surroundings!


  1. What an amazing day and great memories to start a lifetime together!! Love you!!!

    Big Daddy


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