Friday, July 31, 2009

Craftmania - Flower Hooks & Bow Holder

I have been wanting to order these adorable hooks for Sister's room from Land of Nod. I thought these would fun to use for hanging dress-up clothes. But, they are $9.95 each and I'm always on the hunt for a bargain!

I was at one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby, and was so excited when I found these wooden flower pegs. They already have the brackets on the back for hanging. With a little paint, I could make these for Sister's room for a lot less. These little pegs were $1.99 each and the paint was on sale for .77 cents a bottle!

Here's a pic of the flowers as I was getting started. I realized after painting the first two, that there is a little screw on the back that lets you take out the peg for easier painting. I ended up taking it out for touch ups at the end, but it really wasn't hard to paint either way.

And, here are the finished hooks - they're still drying so I don't have a pic of them in Sister's room, yet. I think they came out really cute and Sister loves them, too! Plus, the whole project cost less than $10. I have plenty of paint left over to save for other fun ideas, too!

I also picked up a little project for Bitty Baby's room. I thought it was time for her to get her very own bow holder! Bitty Baby doesn't really like bows and won't keep them in her hair. (Oh, how I hope that will change! :) ). The truth is that Sister's bows are taking over and we could really use two holders, now. I thought an initial bow holder would be really cute!

I love harlequin patterns and thought this would be fun in pink and green. Geometry was not my thing in high school, ha! So I've been having a hard time making the diamonds look the same size. Especially, since the initial is kind of topsy turvy. I used a ruler to draw the pattern and then started painting. I think using tape might have made things easier - oh well. Her bow holder will just have a sweet homemade look to it! :)

I hope to finish Bitty Baby's project this weekend and I'll post a pic of the finished product!


  1. This looks fabulous! Will you please come over and decorate my boys' rooms? Pretty please?


  2. If you'll help me organize mine :)


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