Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party and Flowers

I'm having so much fun looking at our wedding pictures for Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life blog hop. I haven't pulled these out in awhile and I'm so glad I did!

This week, here are pics of our wedding party and flowers. I only posted a pic of my sister, who was my maid-of-honor, since my other friends would probably kill me if I posted their pics on here :).

We were married in the Fall, my favorite time of year, so our wedding had autumn colors. Here's a picture of me with my sister. The bridesmaid dresses were copies of Watters and Watters dresses that I just loved. The sweetest lady make them for us for a third of the price and they were silk, too!

The dresses had wrap-tops that tied in the back and floor length skirts.

I love, love, love flowers, so my Mom and I had so much fun picking these out for our wedding.

Here's what we had on the church pews.

Here are the bridesmaids' bouquets.

They had chocolate or leonidis roses in them, which looked so pretty for Fall.

Here is a pic of the church flowers - we loved the green hydrangeas!

Now, I"m off to take a quick look at some of the other posted pics before my day gets too crazy!


  1. I really do love the flowers that you selected.
    How pretty you look. Everyone looks terrific. And your flowers are beautiful!


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