Friday, February 26, 2010

Blue and White China

I love this week's Show Us Your Life topic - collecting! 

Since college, I've been collecting Blue and White Transferware dishes. 

I used to have these pieces in several areas around the house.  But, my mom convinced me to move everything to one place.  And, I'm so glad she did!

One of the things I love about collecting Blue and White is that it's easy to find, there are so many patterns to choose from, and you don't have to break the bank to buy it.

All of the pieces I collect are English.  You can tell by the mark on the back of the piece.

In fact, the mark will tell you about how old the plate is and who made it.  I like 19th century pieces, so I look for ones marked "England" versus "Made in England. 

One of my favorite things about my collection is that 90% of it was given to me as a gift. 

We received this Blue Willow platter for a wedding present from one of my mom's good friends.  This is Wedgewood from about 1870 and is probably the nicest piece I own.


This oval bowl was given to me when I graduated from college.

My mom gave me most of my pieces.  She worked for years in an antique and gift store and that's where I first saw the Blue and White.  The owner would bring back pieces from England for the shop and I just loved how different each pattern was from another.  To me, they are really works of art!

I have several pieces of Blue Willow (pictured above) and the scene depicts a Chinese love story.  Many manfacturers made Blue Willow, but one piece is always different from another.

This piece is a Flow Blue Blue Willow.  You can tell because the blue is more intense and "blurry."

Here's a regular transferware Blue Willow plate.  You can really see the difference!

Some people, just collect Flow Blue

Some people only collect certain patterns, like this one - "Peony" from Johnson Brothers.  (This was actually part of my great-grandmother's dressing set).

Some people don't like pieces with crazing

But, I love it all!

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  1. stopped in from kelly's.

    thanks for the post on transferware. i have been seeing them alot lately and think these dishes are beautiful.

  2. so pretty, you do have quite the collection!

  3. Very pretty!! Great collection!!!

  4. These are gorgeous and I love how you have them pretty, what an awesome collection! Your blog is so cute and your girls are adorable!! I would love to come back and read more of your blog so I am a new follower!! I am also having a giveaway that ends this weekend, I am sure you would like it!! Feel free to hop over and check it out! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great weekend!


  5. My mom collects these and has most of her grandmother pieces. Maybe one day they will be passed down to me. :) They are lovely!

  6. Oh my goodness! I am sooo glad I found your blog! My hubby's grandmother left us a collection and we have all of that also....I have it at my MIL's house until Kelcee gets older....Love your collection :0)
    Your blog is super cute
    Have a Happy Friday
    Summer :0)

  7. via Kelly - thanks for the information behind the collection. I've seen these peices here and there and wondered. Very pretty. They remind me of the blue and white delft china I saw when I visited Holland.

  8. Wow, how pretty! I never knew the story behind this beautiful china! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm a fellow Who-dat!! So nice to meet you. What an exciting year for us♥

  9. I love your collection! I also collect blue and white pieces. Mostly cheaper pieces, nothing expensive, but such fun! I try to contain myself when I see alot of blue/white because I would love to have more but finding a place to put it gets to be a problem!

    You have a darling blog and I love all your china! Lovely!
    Kelly's Korner's Mom,

  10. Beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  11. You have a beautiful collection. I think this must be a "southern" thing to collect as well, my best friend collects it & has it all over her house!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I have always loved the blue adnd white china! You have a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! -April

  13. Love it! My mom also collects blue and white dishes, some transferware, some just blue and white. I collect Blue Ridge plates. They are colorful and old, came out in the 40s and 50s, I think. I'd have to go back and look at my research. I love the ones with lots of red, yellow, blue, and green, my favorite colors for decorating.

    Thanks for sharing your collections. I enjoyed seeing it and meeting you!


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