Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year! We've been out of town visiting Big Daddy's family and really enjoyed our visit.   I haven't posted in awhile and have a bunch of pics saved up, so I thought I would share a little holiday randomness :)

Bitty Baby is feeling so much better.  She's finally back to her old self.


Her appetite was really down, so she didn't eat much for about a week.  But, oh my, she has made up for lost time!  One day she spent just about the whole day either in her high chair or asking to get in it!


Before we left to go out of town, I met my nemesis ....

Laundry!  I get so behind on our clothes.  Maybe in 2010, I'll finally get caught up ... ha!

We headed north to Big Daddy's hometown for New Year's.


(Yep. I got the new do.  Still learning how to fix it ... right now it takes me longer to fix than it did before I got it cut "curly."  But, I think it's because it's been SO dry and cold these days.)

On the way up, we always stop at "Pickle Barrel" as Sister calls it.  You probably know it as ...

They had their Christmas decorations 70% off and I picked up a few ornaments ... yay!

The girls did really well on the trip, but on the last leg, they started to get the sillies!


 Bitty Baby thought she would mix it up a bit with a game of peek-a-boo!  She loves to be the straight man :)



It was great to visit familly and the girls had a ton of fun! 


We found out that Bitty Baby loves blueberry turnovers.  Her bedhead just cracks me up here!


Our niece gave Sister this ring that she "bought" at school.  She even wrapped it herself ... so sweet!


On the way home, the girls were such good travelers.  They are really starting to play together and I hope they will always be close!  Sister and Bitty Baby were watching a movie during the trip home and I looked back to check on them and saw this ... to me, this is the best Christmas present in the world!


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