Friday, January 15, 2010

Body for Life

I love this week's Show Us Your Life topic!  I've been working over the last few months to be healthier and get off about 10 pounds of leftover baby weight.  Well, actually, it's now toddler weight :)  I'm in a wedding in May, so that's really motivated me!

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My goals really are to feel better, have more energy to keep up with my girls, and get in shape.   I tried Weight Watchers online, which is great, but it wasn't motivating me to get fit.  So, right before Thanksgiving, I started Body For Life and I love it!

I eased into the plan and did it about 60% before the holidays.  After New Year's, I'm now on board 100%.

Body for Life is completely different from any plan I've done before ... it's comprehensive, covering nutrition, physical and mental strength.  My friend finished it a couple of months ago and went lost 7% body fat in 12 weeks!  Her brother did it and lost 45 pounds on his challenge.

Here are a few basic things about it, but be sure to visit the Body For Life website or pick up the book for the best info. 

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You follow the plan for 3 months or a "12 week challenge"

You eat 6 small meals a day, balancing a protein and complex carb at each meal

ex. egg beaters and whole wheat toast
     chicken and brown rice and salad
     yogurt and cottage cheese
     protein shakes
     lots more options!

The diet looks pretty restrictive, but it's not!  You'd be surprised how many recipes can be modified for BFL.

There's no measuring of serving sizes.  Your portion size is individualized.  Protein portion = the palm of your hand.  Carb portion = the size of  your clenched fist

                                                          image: dicks sporting goods

You exercise 6 days a week - 3 cardio workouts - 20 minutes each, 3 strength training workouts (super easy to learn) ... you can do all of this at home or a gym.

You get one free day a week - no exercise and you eat whatever you want.  Really!

Now here's where the plan is different.  You'll drop inches before you'll see it on the scale. That took me a little while to understand.  

But, now that I'm starting to fit into a few pre-Bitty Baby clothes and develop muscle tone, I get it!   It changes your body from the inside out.  I really do feel so much better and stronger.  Also, I was picking up a cold just about every week this fall, but I haven't been sick at all since I started BFL.  Yay!  

Hands down, though, the best part is that Sister, who is  almost 5, has started asking me about healthy foods and exercise.  That really drove home that she's looking to me to learn the right things to eat and how to take care of herself.  Wow! 

You can see some before and after photos on the BFL website here.

Check back this week and I'll post some yummy recipes for Body For Life that I've been making!  Also, if you have questions about BFL, I'll try to answer them for you.  (I'll do it through the comments section).

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's posts and picking up some more great healthy tips here!


  1. How great is that, your little one asking about healthy choices? I read BFL years ago after a friend and her husband did the plan. I still own the book and from time to time look through the recipes and the suggested protein sources. I wasn't crazy about the workout routine. I was a little to monotonous for my taste and the book doesn't seem to mention stretching at all. As a Massage Therapist, I found that a bit irresponsible.

    However, BFL is a sound program and I wish you much success.

  2. Great post. I am going to check BFL out. Great job getting healthy!!!


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