Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not so tough!

Whew!  I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post.  Things have been a little helter skelter and we're slowly getting back into a normal, post-Christmas routine.  Routine = Bliss :)

We've had some super cold weather around here lately and, well, I found out I'm not as tough as I thought!   We dipped down into the teens, which is rare for the land of Little Mama and oh my, it was colder than cold.  The news said it hasn't been this cold here in over twenty years. We had night after night of hard freezes and all of the pretty Southern plants around here are just looking so sad. 

This Deep South girl did learn a few things about super cold weather:
 * Don't wear shorts to the gym when it's 18 degrees. 

* If you have ice on your windshield,
   chances are that your windshield wiper
   fluid is frozen, too.

* Driving with ice on your windshield only
   makes the ice more frozen.  One should
   probably scrape it off  before starting to
   drive.  (Um, yes, I learned this lesson in
   the dark).

* The heater in my car takes a very long 5
   minutes to get going.

* I rode in my friend's car during the cold
   weather and holy cow ... heated seats

* This one's from my Mama : "I totally get
   snow birds now."

* Shea butter is my best friend.

* Scarves aren't just for cuteness.  They
  keep you warm, too. :)

Speaking of scarves, Sister snagged one off of one of her stuffed animals to help keep her warm.  She loves to accessorize!

Last week, the girls only went to preschool one day because of the weather.  So, I didn't quite get as much done around the house as I had hoped.  My Christmas decorations almost outwore their welcome!

Thankfully, I finally got everything packed up and ready for the attic.  Yay!!!

I spent most of the week getting ready for our upcoming garage sale.  That's no easy feat considering that we've turned a corner and Bitty Baby is into everything, everywhere! 

While I was working (in the same room), I found her putting her snack in the fireplace!

And, throwing toys out of the doggie door.  She loves to do this!


She is starting to play better on her own, though, which is so fun to see.  This girl is crazy about Little People!


I had the craziest thing happen this week ... a total, happy surprise!  I won this pretty Dayspring bag from ... The Nester!   I left a comment about the Christmas Tour of Homes and didn't even realize I entered the drawing.  So fun!  Winning the bag just made my week.

This time of year down here always brings the prettiest sunsets.  This week was one of the most brilliant I've seen in a long time.  Sister and I watched as the sky turned from peach to pink to orange.  I ran and got my camera and played around with the settings until the colors came through. 


I needed a tripod with the slower shutter speed, but this was a completely spontaneous pic! I'm having so much fun learning to take pictures, but oh, I have so much to learn. That's the best part!

Hope you had a great week. The weekend's almost here. Yay!

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