Thursday, February 18, 2010


Shhhhh.  I'm blogging and watching the Olympics instead of tackling the massive pile of laundry in our bedroom :)

Speaking of shhhhh ... Bitty Baby and I went grocery shopping today and she started to get a little cranky during the last leg of our trip.  I knew we still had to make it through a couple of more aisles ... not to mention the check out line. 

So, I thought it would be fun if we started to sing.  We head toward the diaper aisle with me singing "Wheels on the Bus" and Bitty Baby looks at me and says, "Shhh."  I thought it might be a coincidence, so I start singing again.  And, again, she says, "Shhh" and this time I could tell she meant it.  

I think today was the first official time that I embarrassed her in public.  I'm sure it will happen a million more times ... especially in her teen years :).

The weather has been so pretty this week.  It's been great to see the sun again and we actually got into the 60's today.  Bliss!

Yesterday we went to a nearby nature preserve with our cousins.  It's hard to believe we have over a 100 acres of preserved swamp right in the heart of town.

The kids loved the Nature Center and had fun seeing the different animals that were there.  Bitty Baby loved the turtles.

There were lots of snakes in aquariums, but I didn't get close enough for any pictures  :)

A local school had a display of art here and I realized it was my niece's school.  She is really talented at art and I found several of her pictures there.  I took a few pics of them, but won't post them now since my sister hasn't seen them yet!

Once we finished inside, we headed outside for a nature walk through the swamp.  We got a great workout pushing two strollers through the gravel!

I've never been here before during the winter time.  We really had fun seeing the cypress swamp through a different point of view.

The water was low so we could really see the cypress knees.

The kids had such a great time getting outdoors.  I think we'll definitely be planning more fun activities soon out in the fresh air and sunshine!

I hope you're finally getting a hint of Spring where you are :)

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