Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!  This last week has been a rough one!   The sinus sickness hit our house in a big way.  We've gone through shots, anitibiotics, prescription changes, you name it.

The girls have the worst of it, but seem to be on the upswing ... finally!  Yay! They have been such little troopers and I'm so proud of them. 

We've pretty much been housebound.  But, while we've been inside, Spring is finally peeking out all around us!

I've been fascinated with the silhouettes of trees lately from a photography standpoint.  At sunset, I'm amazed at the intracies of the branches - how each tree is so different from another. 

I noticed last week that one of the silhouettes is changing ... the beginnings of leaves are starting to appear!

If you look closely, you can see the little buds at the end of the branches.  Spring is coming!!!


Next year I want to learn to take these the right way.  You know, work on shutter speed, use a tripod, etc.

I did get a little break away from the house on Saturday while Big Daddy manned the fort.   I actually had a manicure ... my first one in two years.  It was so nice and relaxing!  I went with a crazy color that I just love ... Chinchilly.  It's a really soft, light gray.

This Chanel polish, Particuliere, was my inspiration!

Afterwards, I met up with my friend J and we hit Forever 21.  I picked up this cute cheeta trench coat to wear with jeans and red sling backs. 

I also got this little necklace.

The best part was that my bill only rang up to 98 cents thanks to the gift card my sister gave me for Christmas!

Don't you just love giftcards?

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